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TcT is now coming back alive. we are in the process of updating lots of things. but we need every one who still wants to be apart of TcT to re apply to let us know who is still here.

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PostSubject: KnownAsSliz   Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:19 am

Since I got yelled at by Sir Coop (currently aka poop) last time, I will incorporate the report layout and my own personal add on.

Applicant's name: KnownAsSliz
Applicant's Rank/Prestige: 15th Prestige, level 50

Performance In Game 1-5: 4
Activity on forum/chatbox 1-5: 3.5
Personality 1-5: 4
Maturity 1-5: 3.5

Total: 15

Personal opinion on acceptance (optional):

Sliz has been playing with us before he applied, so he does know about 95% of the members. Sometimes he will epicly clutch, sometimes he will be first dead. He's an alright guy, when he isn't playing really loud annoying music to the point where you need to mute him because you can't hear anyone else speak. But for the most part, he's pretty cool. He posts in the threads/forums a lot, especially with his "fark" thread. I say yes.
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