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TcT is now coming back alive. we are in the process of updating lots of things. but we need every one who still wants to be apart of TcT to re apply to let us know who is still here.

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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Tue May 05, 2009 3:58 am

If you are a member or applicant of TcT please try to represent us well on the forum by being polite and respectful to other members of the clan. If you are found to be insulting towards other members you will be warned and possibly discharged from the clan depending on the severity or based on how many warnings you recieve.

Spamming is not expected of our members at TcT and we try to keep it to a minimum on the forums, the Off Topic section is for random chat and banter, not for posts that you've typed with your feet, the Miscellaneous section should be where to spam if need be. If you spam constantly you will be reminded of your actions, if you continue to do so you will be warned. Spamming is fine to an extent on the Chatbox, the Leaders and Moderators will tell you when enough is enough.

TcT looks for active members, who play often on PSN and will remain active on the forums, please note if you become inactive without notice and do not post on the forums within 2 weeks of a roll call, you will be removed from the team.

Boosting, Glitching and Hacking;
Boosting - Boosting is frowned upon in the clan but not banned, but we ask if you choose to boosting when in the clan that you do not boost with the TcT tag in game, TcT is a fair play clan and does not support boosting in any way, shape or form.

Glitching - Glitching is to get to a spot in game that was not intended by the designers of the game in any way, glitches should not be confused with 'spots'. Spots are hard to get places in game that require a few well positioned jumps to access. An example of a glitch is the getting in the pipes underground on Pipeline, to get there you must do something that requires going through the wired fence. A spot is something like getting on top of the two story building with the ladder by jumping on the air conditioner, you do not need to go through any fences or walls to get there, just a well positioned jump. This is acceptable in Private matches but really shouldn't be done in public matches.

Hacking - We DO NOT endorse hacking in any way, shape or form. If you are found to be hacking (i.e. stat boosting, aimbotting etc.) you WILL be booted from the clan no questions asked. If you do want to hack whilst in the clan, contact one of the Leaders about it and it will be discussed. Hacking without speaking to a Leader will get your booted from the clan. These involve hacks that affect the game in every way and not things like prestige hack,

Please bear in mind that these rules and guidelines are a work in progress, please follow them as is and check back often for updates.

Regards, Andy.
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Rules and Guidelines
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