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A Playstation 3 Clan
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TcT is now coming back alive. we are in the process of updating lots of things. but we need every one who still wants to be apart of TcT to re apply to let us know who is still here.

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PostSubject: READ BEFORE POSTING.   Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:07 pm

An announcement to user's before posting in the entertainment section: Please post your topics about movies, music, or YouTube video's in the correct section. I've taken the time out to make the YouTube section for organization. If you would post your topics in the correct forum it would be much appreciated, because it allows not only member's to find the topic easier but also allow's the forum to be cleaned easier. Do your part! Only you can prevent forum disorganization Wink Also, if you post a YouTube video of yourself or any video that has to deal with the clan, post it in the Clan's YouTube Channel underneath the Graphics Section, link is here --->

Cheers, Management.
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