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TcT is now coming back alive. we are in the process of updating lots of things. but we need every one who still wants to be apart of TcT to re apply to let us know who is still here.

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  FAQ; Tryout & Clan - Please Read

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PostSubject: FAQ; Tryout & Clan - Please Read   Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:40 am

1. How do I join the clan?
Our clan accepts members in a tryout. The first step to having a tryout is submitting an application in appropriate section. After your application is submitted we will assess whether or not you meet the minimum standards for the clan.

2. What will be on the application? And how do I submit one?
The application form will include the basic questions that you would expect to answer, don't fret, they're nothing too daunting. To submit an application visit the Application section under the Call of Duty Black Ops category in the main page. Fill out the form and you will recieve a reply as soon as possible.

Here is the direct link -

3. After my application has been accepted what will happen afterwards?
Once your application has been set up we will add your PSN and try and get a few games going online. We'll usually PM you or add you on MSN and discuss a date and time that's convenient for you to play with us.

4. How will tryouts work?
Once a date has been set up you will be invited to a party with the person who arranged your tryout. Our clan mainly plays Search and Destroy, Domination and occasionally Team Death Match. Don't worry if you don't perform well, we're not looking for someone who can outright dominate a game, but someone who has qualities that stand out.

5. What happens after the tryout?
After the tryout the Leaders and Initiation Officer's will discuss if you're right for the clan or not, if you are you will be accepted into the clan with a warm welcome! If you are denied then you will be given a reason why and told whether you are eligible to re-apply or not.

6. So I joined the clan; what next?
Be sure to post regularly around the forums, keep active on PSN and be sure to play with us whenever possible. That's really all there is to it!

If you have any other questions feel free to PM the Leader's Biggie or Wrathful.

Regards, Management.

Note: Originally written by Andeh.
Re edited by CuVe8.


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FAQ; Tryout & Clan - Please Read
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